Children suffer massively as a result of domestic violence in the home.

Children often suffer from emotional and phycological trauma as a result of domestic violence in the home. Children who are exposed to these sitautions become fearful and anxious, always on guard watching and waiting for the next event to occur. They never know what will trigger the abuse, and therefore never feel safe. Children who grow up with abuse are expected to keep the family secret, sometimes not even talking to each other about the abuse. Children from abusive homes can look fine to the outside world, but inside they are in terrible pain. Their families are chaotic and crazy. They may blame themselves for the abuse thinking if they had not done or said a particular thing, the abuse would not have occurred.

The article below from the BBC, is about a mother and daughter that escaped a case of domestic abuse. They set up a charity called ‘Voices of Experience’ to support mothers and children in a similar situation to how they were.

Social experiment shows domestic violence being ignored.

A social experiment by a Swedish organisation has shown that out of 53 people, only one person reacted to what seemed like a scene of domestic abuse in a lift. Domestic violence is often kept behind closed doors therefore when confronted with it in public people often remain silent, avoid confrontation and ignore it.

What would you do in this situation?

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Men, Women and unequal pay.

According to this article from the Telegraph, women who started work a year after 1970 when the Equal Pay Act was introduced would still have made £253,000 less than men as of last year. Including compound interest, that’s more than £1.2 million.

These are a few things a woman could buy with that extra £253,000.

  • A house. The average price of a home in the UK hit £250,000 last year
  • The UK’s most luxurious houseboat, an 85-foot barge with three double bedrooms
  • A week of Robin Van Persie’s football salary
  • A weekend in a hotel for every person sleeping rough in the UK.

Today, the average employed woman in the UK earns a fifth less than the average employed man.

What are your views on this ongoing issue that men are still being paid more than women even though Equal Pay Acts and other laws have been introduced to change this?

No country in the World can say that they have achieved gender equality.

Out of ten counties surveyed in a 2005 study by the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 50 percent of women in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Peru and Tanzania reported having been subjected to physical or sexual violence by intimate partners, with figures reaching staggering 71 percent in rural Ethiopia.

Only in one country (Japan) did less than 20 percent of women report incidents of domestic violence. An earlier WHO study puts the number of women physically abused by their partners or ex-partners at 30 percent in the United Kingdom, and 22 percent in the United States.

Do these facts and figures surprise you?


Women are not the only ones who suffer from domestic violence. #violenceisviolence

1. 38% of domestic abuse victims are male: for every five victims, three will be female, two will be male.

2. 30% of women and 16.3% (one in six) of men have experienced domestic abuse since the age of 16. These figures were equivalent to an estimated 4.9 million female victims of domestic abuse and 2.7 million male victims.

Anybody can be affected by domestic abuse, and anyone can be an abuser. It doesn’t just happen to women – men can be victims too, whether their partner is a man or a woman.

Many people think that men are not abused or can deal with the abuse, what are your views?

Domestic Violence is still hugely overlooked and needs to become a priority!

A study from the UN has recently surfaced information that 35% of women will experience one form of violence in their lifetime; 30% will experience from their current or former partner. The study also found that one in 10 girls face sexual abuse. So many people see domestic violence as a thing of the past yet recent figures are showing it’s still as important as ever! More needs to be done to tackle this issue and awareness needs to be increased in order to uncover such a fundamental topic! #silencetheviolence